jen : de la vida college cotabato city po, how much and tuition fee nila . please reply thank you.
jen : de la vida college? how much po tuition ng criminology? thank you.
felimino : may crim po ba sa icat cauayan salamat po
felimino domingo : messagehi
gordon : upb5hj
matt : nqntll
chaba : iy75ic
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dustin : hey
kissie : ask kulang kong magkano ang bayad for tour next semester to manila?
reyn : how much is the tuition fee for educ.course?
elanne faye : magkano tuition pag highschool?
marie : magkano po tuition ng com scie?
che : magkano ba tuition for midwifery course sa holy infant?
gayle : guys! calling me students may defense ba tayo sa sabado?
gracyl : hai kamosta
juancho : is it sort of military training? or just the flying thing and technical thing..thank you.
juancho : hello, i would like to ask if what kind of training is done in aeronautical schools? like in naga?
arnol : can anybody provide a number me for the registrar office? we just have some verification